From years of operating in the Microsoft ecosystem, both as a customer and as a vendor in the MSP/CSP partner community, SaaS Fees has the depth and subject-matter expertise to assist enterprises looking to reduce costs and navigate their EA terms.

Microsoft's 2022 price increases are forcing IT budget owners to seek out savings

We find savings.

Our experts help you determine the right volume and service plan mix, negotiating the best terms for your licenses.  E5, E3, F3/F1/Kiosk.  We know the hacks to keep costs low.

Preparing for EA renewals is a full-time job.  Auditing the needs of the organization and predicting headcount is challenging in a volatile economy.  

License savings means money toward security improvements

Having difficulty finding funds to support new technology initiatives? 

Most enterprises are seeking to improve their security infrastructure but struggle to get investment in such a challenging economy.  Finding waste in SaaS spend is one of the most effective ways to bridge the gap.  Our team and partnership with one of Microsoft’s Top Licensing Partners knows how to identify cost-savings measures and help negotiate improved terms.

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Risk-Free Assessment for a 20-25% savings on all of your Microsoft products

Speak with our experts today to see if your business qualifies for a risk-free assessment by one of Microsoft’s most sophisticated licensing providers.  

Audit License Waste

Excess licenses from off-boarded users can be costly and difficult to manage.

Assess utilization and productivity

Do your front-line workers need features beyond email?  Do they need desktop apps or do cloud apps suffice?

Azure resources, SQL, Dynamics

Does your organization have investments into other Microsoft products.  If so, we have tools to reduce costs and optimize your environment.